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NUIC Alumni Player Profile: Brett Shutts

As we get prepared for the 2020 football season, we wanted to touch base with former NUIC players that have gone on to play at the college level to hear what their experiences are, what playing in the NUIC did to help them out for the college level, and what insight they would bestow upon younger guys looking to play at the collegiate level.

Player Profile:

Name: Brett Shutts

High School: Galena

Graduated: 2017

College: Coe College

Position: Linebacker/Defensive Line

Major: Business Administration

Q. How has your experience at the college level been?

A. My experience at Coe has been amazing so far. I've met a lot of really great people who always support me and push me to compete at a very high level.

Q. What have you taken from playing in the NUIC to the college level?

A. Hard work mentality, in the NUIC a lot of times you have to play both sides of the ball, so you have to work that much harder to be able to keep up and compete in this tough of a conference.

Q. What is your favorite memory from playing in the NUIC?

A. In 2014, when we beat Lena-Winslow in the quarterfinals on a last second field goal to send us into the semis.

Q. What is your favorite college memory thus far?

A. Beating Simpson this year for Homecoming. It was a 10-7 final score; it was the definition of having to play 60 minutes of football and never taking a play off.

Q. What are your plans after college?

A. I do ROTC at Coe as well, so I will be an officer in the US Army and I plan on making a career out of that.

Q. What insight would you provide younger athletes looking to play at the college level?

A. Work hard and don't quit, you have to trust the process. I've seen a lot of talented kids quit because they never saw the field their first year. You have to understand that everyone is just as good, if not better, than you when you get there so you have to grind and EARN your playing time. BE a positive influence on people. At Coe, we say you can control two things, and that's your effort and your attitude, make sure that you have a positive attitude and give 100% effort. If you lack at those, there's someone who isn't lacking these attributes that will take your spot. Show the coaches that they made the right choice by taking a chance on you!

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