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Aquin Bulldogs

Last season ushered in the Broc Kundert era for the Aquin Bulldogs. With an almost entirely new coaching staff, and a young core of players, the Bulldogs missed the playoffs for just the 2nd time over the past 11 seasons. One could take a look back at the Aquin season, and find 3 games the Bulldogs were within a score of winning the game, and that was the difference between sitting at home and playing in round 1.

Despite the youth at Aquin in 2018, they did prove to be competitive, something we felt you would see out of the Bulldogs in 2018. Moving forward into 2019, that youth is another year older and another year stronger. With the conference realignment, however, the schedule will be a bit tougher for the Dawgs in 2019 with Forreston still remaining on the schedule, but now adding the likes of EPC, West Carroll, and Amboy from the old NUIC Northwest. Since 2011, Aquin has proven to be able to play with the big schools, going 4-6 in that time, however when facing the top teams in the conference, Aquin has not been able to really compete and contend for a state title since 2011 at the same time.

The Bulldogs will enter 2019 with a lot of talent, and a lot of growth. With the talent that Aquin has, they have a window of opportunity that begins now. Expectations are high for Aquin, and Coach Kundert wants to get the Dawgs to the playoffs in his second year at the helm. The Bulldogs will kickoff the season on the road at Orangeville. This game will be featured by Deep Dish Football as the Overtime Game of the Week.

Aquin Playoff History

1974 0-1

1980 2-1

1981 4-0 Class 1A State Champion

1983 0-1

1986 5-0 Class 1A State Champion

1987 3-1

1988 1-1

1989 1-1

1990 0-1

1998 0-1

1999 2-1

2000 2-1

2001 2-1

2002 2-1

2003 0-1

2004 0-1

2005 5-0 Class 1A State Champion

2008 0-1

2009 0-1

2010 0-1

2011 3-1

2012 0-1

2013 1-1

2014 0-1

2016 2-1

2017 2-1

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