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Du-Pec Rivermen

The Du-Pec Rivermen are entering year 3 under Head Coach Tyler Hoffman, and they improved over their first year, gaining 3 wins in the 2018 campaign. The Rivermen didn't have the season they anticipated, but they made great strides for a 2nd year in a row. Those strides will continue to be the building blocks for what is to come for Du-Pec, but people are growing tired of hearing the "just wait" mantra. It is now time for Du-Pec to take that step forward if they are wanting to become something more. The wins need to start piling on to gain the recognition and support they covet.

It is hard to determine where Du-Pec will land in 2019, as they will be in the North Division. Lining up with familiar foes in Dakota, Le-Win, East Dubuque, and Galena, they will also face a crossover schedule that includes, Amboy, EPC, and West Carroll. For the Rivermen, their schedule is just a revamped making of the previous Northwest schedule, and they still have all the big dogs to play, with the exception of Forreston. The Rivermen will need to rely heavily on the play of a new QB, and need sufficient impact play from their linemen. If they cannot improve line play, it will be just another season of what-ifs. They will have a solid group of seniors to lead them, a group that has been listening to the fans and chomping at the bit to prove they are a playoff team. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Rivermen, and area people outside of Durand and Pecatonica are also curious to see what the Rivermen do.

Du-Pec has yet to qualify for the playoffs, as they are entering year 3. The playoffs are not too far off in the future for the Rivermen, however. The program has gained a lot of support, as you can see Du-Pec flags flying everywhere, helmet signs back up in yards, and you can listen to all the fans ranting and raving for recognition, but the Rivermen still need to perform on the field first for them to see Selection Saturday. The results should continue to improve in 2019, but that success needs to start happening now. The Rivermen will open the 2019 campaign at home against Amboy, one of the games they need to turn around in their favor.

Du-Pec Playoff History

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