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AFC Raiders

The last few seasons have seen the AFC Raiders with teams able to compete in the Upstate, but they haven't been able to finish opponents off to earn the victories. In 2018, AFC once again looks like a team that will be able to compete in the Upstate, but they will need to be more resilient to get more wins and lift them towards the top of the conference.

Coach Winterland is entering his 8th season at the helm of the Raiders and his best finish to date was in 2012 when the Raiders went 5-4, but missed out on the playoffs. He has been working on redefining his offense, adding different tweaks to his option dominated offense. If the Raiders can keep building and progressing with what has been established, you can see them make some turns this year. In order for the Raiders to do that, they will have to pull some upsets in what looks to be an Upstate Division with more competitiveness entering 2018. The challenge for the Raiders will be overcoming extremely low numbers, only having 25 kids on the roster.

AFC has made the playoffs 5 times in school history, going 6-5. They last advanced to the playoffs in 2005 when they were still a part of the Four Rivers conference, losing in the quarterfinals to eventual state champion Aquin.

AFC Playoff History

1990 0-1

1994 1-1

2003 2-1

2004 1-1

2005 2-1

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