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Du-Pec Rivermen

The Du-Pec Rivermen formed their co-op last season under first year Head Coach Tyler Hoffman, and they scored their 1st win as Du-Pec in week 9 over a traditional power in Galena. The Rivermen didn't have the season they anticipated, but they made great strides in a 1st year with low expectations. Those strides will prove to be the building blocks for what is to come in the near future for Du-Pec.

Du-Pec won't have high expectations in 2018, but you can expect for them to keep building and being more competitive this year, which could add a couple wins for them in 2018 in what looks to be a more competitive Northwest Division with everyone chasing Le-Win. Don't sit too long on Du-Pec however, as they are only a year away from making that next big jump. And if that jump comes sooner than expected, watch out as it will throw a lot of predictions out of the water.

Du-Pec has yet to qualify for the playoffs, as they are entering year 2. The playoffs are not too far off in the future for the Rivermen, however. If you see the support the program is receiving, the work and buy-in the boys are putting in for Coach Hoffman, it will only be a matter of time for them to see Selection Saturday. Coach Hoffman is excited with what he has coming up the pipeline, as he should looking at the success of the current freshmen and sophomores. However, he is very aware that they will need to continue to develop for that talent to translate into varsity success. Either way, football fever is alive and well in Durand and Pecatonica again!

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