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Week 1: Le-Win vs Princeton

The game was billed as The Rumble in the Jungle as the Princeton Tigers, ranked #2 in Class 3A, played host to the Lena-Winslow Panthers who are ranked #1 in Class 1A. Despite the shortened season with no playoffs, there was a lot of anticipation around this game after Princeton lost their week 1 opponent in Erie-Prophetstown, and Le-Win had no opponent scheduled for week 1. This allowed the opportunity for these two teams to face off with each other.

Princeton started with the ball, and after some quick runs by All-State running back Ronde Worrels, the Tigers would fumble the ball and Ethan Fye would get the scoop and score from 46 yards out to put Le-Win on the board just a 1:28 into the game for the early 6-0 lead.

The next series would see the Tigers take a 74 yard drive that covered almost 5 minutes as Worrels would punch it in from 3 yards out. The extra point kick was good as Princeton would take the lead 7-6 with 5:36 remaining in the 1st.

Le-Win would respond less than a minute later when Marey Roby would break free off right end, cut left, break a tackle, and was off to the races from 64 yards out. The 2 point try was successful as the Bryant Field was silenced and the Panthers were up 14-7 with 4:40 remaining in the 1st.

The Panthers would carry that 14-7 lead into the 2nd quarter, but the Tigers were driving and just 8 seconds into the 2nd quarter they would tie it up as Worrels would get to paydirt again from 10 yards out.

Le-Win would be forced to punt in each of their next 2 possessions, while the Tigers would add 2 more scores on a Tyler Gibson to Bennet Sierens 67 yard touchdown pass and an Augie Christiansen 19 yard sprint for 6 to take a 28-14 lead into half after stymieing a Le-Win scoring threat.

The second half would see a great defensive struggle, highlighted by a Brody Mahon forced fumble recovered by Evan England, a Mahon interception, and muffed punt return with a fumble recovery by Sierens. The latter led to the last score of the night as Princeton started the drive from the Panther 24 yard line and Worrels would get his 3rd touchdown run of the day from 2 yards out to give Princeton the 35-14 victory.

Princeton was led by NIU commit Ronde Worrels who finished the game with 114 yards rushing on 20 attempts with 3 TD's. Logan Glancy would chip in 58 yards rushing on 10 carries, while Augie Christiansen had 31 yards on 5 attempts with 1 TD. Tyler Gibson went 7-20 passing for 138 yards and 1 TD, while Bennet Sierens had 4 receptions for 106 yards and a score.

The Panthers were led by Marey Roby's 68 yards rushing on 2 attempts with a score before leaving the game. Ethan Fye had a fumble recovery touchdown from 46 yards out, and Jack Setterstrom had 32 yards on 14 attempts rushing.

Le-Win (0-1) will return to action next Saturday at 10 am where they will host the Orangeville Broncos (1-0).


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