Season Preview: Milledgeville Missiles

In 2019, the Missiles had a new look and followed up a 10-1 season in 2018 with a 1-8 season in 2019. Entering 2021, the inexperienced youth becomes the experienced upper class. The numbers are low for Milledgeville, however, and they will need to rely on growth and experience to have success. The Missiles will be moving to the 8-man football league this fall, joining 6 other teams from the NUIC.

Last season we knew the Missiles would have some growing pains, and the final results show as much. Their schedule doesn't get easier in 2021 as they face 4 playoff teams from a season ago, and a game with long time nemesis EPC. The 2021 season will see more teams being able to compete together, which has the potential to see a lot of teams have opportunities to have strong seasons this spring, and it is no different for Milledgeville. The Missiles will need to establish solid line play on both sides of the ball and implement a pass game to compliment their run game in order to have success.

Milledgeville is 18-22 in the playoffs, but have never made the state final game, coming up short 3 times in 1998, 1999, and 2008. The Missiles were last in the playoffs in 2018, where they lost in overtime to eventual state champ Forreston in the 2nd round. The Missiles will kickoff the season at home against Stockton.

Milledgeville Playoff History

1974 0-1

1975 1-1

1977 0-1

1979 1-1

1980 0-1

1981 0-1

1984 0-1

1985 1-1

1986 1-1

1987 0-1

1989 0-1

1990 0-1

1995 1-1

1996 1-1

1998 3-1

1999 3-1

2002 0-1

2007 1-1

2008 3-1

2016 0-1

2017 1-1

2018 1-1

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