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Season Preview: EPC Wildcatz

The EPC Wildcatz entered the 2019 season as a team that was on the bubble of making the playoffs, featuring games you could see going in different directions. While the Catz failed to make the playoffs, they were in every game they played except opening night against the eventual 1A state champion. EPC lost 2 games by a combined 4 points, and another 2 games by a combined 14 points, putting a lot of what-ifs together for a season and a team that was so close to the playoff field, but missed out.

EPC doesn't return a lot of experience when looking at stats, but they will be able to develop a formidable line and return their leading rusher from a season ago. The biggest concern for the Catz is at the QB position; who will fill that role this spring? They have a pair of brothers who transfer in after their family moved, and they could help bolster a lineup that will lack a lot of depth. Coach McNutt walked into a great season in 2018, and developed a very competitive team in 2019. If he can do the same thing with this version of the Catz you can expect to see EPC vying for a shot at the South Division title this spring.

EPC is 17-18 in the playoffs, with 2 semifinal appearances and 1 state championship over the past 6 seasons. The Catz won't have a strong schedule to compete against, but they will face some quality opponents to finish out their schedule. How the Catz start the season will show how good they can be come the end of the season. The Catz will open up in week 1 at home against Galena. The game will be played at Freeport High School on Saturday night.

EPC Playoff History

1997 0-1

1998 1-1

2000 0-1

2001 0-1

2002 1-1

2003 1-1

2004 2-1

2006 0-1

2007 0-1

2008 0-1

2009 1-1

2010 1-1

2011 1-1

2012 0-1

2013 1-1

2014 5-0 Class 2A State Champion

2016 0-1

2017 0-1

2018 3-1


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