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Polo Marcos

Returning from a heartbreaking semifinal loss in the final seconds of the game that could have put Polo in their 3rd consecutive state title game, they will enter 2023 as a favorite once again.

According to Coach Ted Alston, last season had a rough ending coming just one play away from a state title game appearance. He felt his Marcos did a great job improving as the season went on, and then battling through adversity very well. This years team will have to replace some very good senior leadership.

Polo should be very competitive this season, and Coach Alston hopes they can be one of the stronger teams in I8FA. They will open the season ranked #2 in the state rankings, and feature some big games in the middle of the schedule and again in week 9 when they travel to Amboy, last year's state runner-up.

The Marcos will be returning the school's all-time leading rusher, Brock Soltow, who is just 111 yards from surpassing 4,000 career rushing yards. He adds to that a school record 63 rushing TD's, another 3 receiving TD's on 17 receptions for 292 yards, and he has thrown for 4 TD's with 202 yards passing.

Joining Soltow in the backfield will be senior Delo Fernandez, who has 525 yards rushing with 5 TD's. Noah Dewey will also see action for the Marcos in the backfield. Some guys that will also pick up touches in the offense are Billy Lowry, Gage Ziegler, and Gus Mumford.

Up front, the Marcos return starters Alex Albano and Jacob Monaco. Nathan Yingling and Landen Brooks will be utilized at TE to help move the Marcos downfield. A few other names to keep an eye on that will provide depth will be Logan Nelson and Jeffery Donaldson.

On defense, the Marcos will be led by DB Brock Soltow, who returns as Polo's leading tackler. At linebacker, Coach Alston will be looking at Yingling and Gage Lagee to help lead the Polo defense. The defensive line will be led by DE Delo Fernandez, who picked up 22 tackles for a loss last season. They will also have Jacob Monaco, Donaldson, and Logan Nelson to help out in the trenches.

On his outlook on the season and the division title, Coach Alston feels the North 2 division will be one of the strongest. He expects Orangeville and River Ridge to both improve a lot with returning players. He stated that Milledgeville and Amboy will be very tough opponents that should be competing for the division title, and he hopes his Marcos are in the mix.

Playoff History 18-23

1977 0-1

1978 0-1

1981 1-1

1983 2-1

1984 1-1

1985 0-1

1991 0-1

1992 0-1

1993 0-1

1994 0-1

1995 0-1

1996 0-1

1997 0-1

2005 0-1

2006 0-1

2007 0-1

2008 2-1

2009 0-1

2014 1-1

2015 2-1

2016 0-1

2018 0-1

2019 3-0 I8FA State Champion

2021 4-0 I8FA State Champion

2022 2-1


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