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East Dubuque Warriors

East Dubuque entered the 2018 season with some talented skill guys, but on the line they didn't match up with a lot of other teams they faced. Coming into 2019, the key for the Warriors will be line play. While the Warriors will be a part of the new North Division, they will still face quite a few familiar foes that they have not had much success against in the past. They have some good talent to build around, and a couple linemen that can give them some protection, but it will be important for East Dubuque to come out of weeks 1 and 2 with a pair of victories to see a potential shot at the playoffs this season. The middle of the Warriors schedule is where things will really tighten up.

The Warriors last reached the playoffs in 2013, ending a 5 year run of playoff births that included back to back quarterfinal appearances in 2009 and 2010. The last time East Dubuque had a winning record was in 2014, their last year in the Upstate Division when they went 5-4. For the Warriors to get back to the playoffs, they will need to rely on their senior leaders, an improved line on both sides of the ball, and win some games they are not expected to win.

The Warriors are looking for their 8th trip to the playoffs, where they are 7-7 all-time. The best run the Warriors put together came back in the 2000 season, when they reached the semifinals for the first and only time in school history. East Dubuque will kickoff the 2019 season at home against AFC.

East Dubuque Playoff History

1976 0-1

2000 3-1

2009 2-1

2010 2-1

2011 0-1

2012 0-1

2013 0-1

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