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West Carroll Thunder

The Thunder found their way back into the playoffs in 2017 for the 2nd time in 3 seasons under Coach Matt Leitzen. In 2018, the Thunder look to fall off a bit with key losses on both offense and defense, but don't think they won't be competitive. Coach Leitzen has this year's Thunder squad going hard in the off-season, visiting several camps and travelling the state for 7 on 7 games. And if you think the Thunder will fall off at a competitive level, you will be highly mistaken.

The Thunder will have some very good skill players coming up and returning, which tells the tale of how much Coach Leitzen has turned this program around entering his 4th season at the helm. West Carroll still has to prove they can win the games against the top teams in the Northwest, but they took a huge step forward last year in showing they can compete with them with a big win over EPC in Pearl City, a narrow loss in Dakota, and hanging with Le-Win in the first game of the year.

West Carroll has made the playoffs 5 times since their consolidation in 2005, going 2-5. Like last year, West Carroll will start the season with some tough games, but should see themselves in the playoff mix entering week 6. West Carroll will be in full control of their own destiny from that point on, and any team that is overlooking the Thunder will taste defeat.

West Carroll Playoff History

2005 0-1

2006 0-1

2007 1-1

2015 0-1

2017 1-1

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