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Polo Marcos

The Polo Marcos are looking at the 2018 season as their last in the NUIC, joining Warren as the 2 teams that will be leaving the NUIC in 2019. The Marcos will be joining the I8FB league to play 8 man football, also due to low numbers and a plummeting enrollment. The Marcos have lost a lot of experience over the past 3 seasons, but still return some key players that can help lead the Marcos into the thick of the playoff picture in the Upstate division.

The Marcos are looking for their 22nd playoff appearance, and after having 3 consecutive appearances come to an end last season despite going 5-4, there would be nothing more than making one last run to the playoffs in their final NUIC season.

The Marcos are 9-21 all-time in the playoffs, with their best run coming in the 1983 season where they lost in the semifinals to a very strong Woodstock Marian team. Their best season in term of wins came just 3 seasons ago, where the Marcos finished 11-1 losing in the quarterfinals to the state runner-up Stark County Rebels. The expectations in 2018 seem low, but if the Marcos can pull off a few upsets you will find them right in the middle of the playoff race.

Polo Playoff History

1977 0-1

1978 0-1

1981 1-1

1983 2-1

1984 1-1

1985 0-1

1991 0-1

1992 0-1

1993 0-1

1994 0-1

1995 0-1

1996 0-1

1997 0-1

2005 0-1

2006 0-1

2007 0-1

2008 2-1

2009 0-1

2014 1-1

2015 2-1

2016 0-1


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