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Forreston Cardinals

The Forreston Cardinals are coming off one of the best 4 year runs in NUIC history, where they went 46-6 while winning 2 state titles in the process. The Galena Pirates from 1995-2000 put up 3 straight four year runs that better Forreston's, but resulted in 1 state title and 1 runner-up finish; 1995-1998 they went 47-4, 1996-1999 they went 50-3, and 1997-2000 they went 49-4. The next best such run came from Stockton from 1975-1978 where they went 45-4 with 1 state title and 2 runner-up finishes.

In 2018, the Forreston Cardinals will be under a new head coach for the first time in 10 years, but it won't result in a big loss of coaching staff, as long time defensive coordinator Kyle Zick will take over the reigns. The Cardinals will have to replace a lot of talent off the team, as a lot of the star power has graduated. The Cards will continue to rely on their potent rushing attack, but will need to build a lot of cohesion both on the offensive and defensive lines, and at the critical quarterback position in order for them to compete at the top of the Northwest this year.

Forreston will be looking for their 24th playoff appearance, where the Cards have gone 27-21 while winning state titles in 2014 and 2016, while making 5 trips to the quarterfinals in the past 7 seasons, and 3 trips to the semifinals over the past 4 seasons. The expectations in Forreston don't seem too high to begin the season, but rest assured you will most likely see the Cards make their 9th consecutive trip to the round of 32. Area teams are still expecting the same Forreston Cardinals when they take the field, as the Cards still have a lot of talent that just hasn't been proven yet, and we will know more once the season begins.

Forreston Playoff History

1975 0-1

1976 1-1

1979 0-1

1987 0-1

1988 2-1

1997 0-1

1999 0-1

2000 1-1

2001 3-1

2002 0-1

2003 0-1

2004 0-1

2005 0-1

2006 1-1

2007 1-1

2010 0-1

2011 2-1

2012 2-1

2013 0-1

2014 5-0 Class 1A State Champion

2015 1-1

2016 5-0 Class 1A State Champion

2017 3-1

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