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Dakota Indians

The Dakota Indians are looking to make some noise in 2018. Lying in the way are the teams that have given Dakota the most fits in recent years, the Forreston Cardinals and Lena-Winslow Panthers. For Dakota to get back to prominence they will need to overcome a 95-7 point differential from last year against these 2 teams.

Coach Joe Free is entering his 3rd year at the helm, and there is no denying that he is making the Indians "his" team with his "Dakota Way" outlook. The Indians return a plethora of key players from last year's playoff team, but they need to form the dynamic that has lacked the Indians since their turnaround began in 2014 in order to get back to the top of the always tough NUIC Northwest. There is a lot of urgency in Dakota for 2018, and with that the expectations are high as well. The only question that looms is this; will the Indians have what it takes to compete with the top tier teams in 2018?

The Indians are 25-20 in the playoffs, and looking for their 24th trip this fall. The Indians have not had the playoff success recently with only 2 wins in the past 4 seasons, but with Coach Free in place you can see the tide is turning in favor of the Indians to compete at the top of the NUIC in 2018, and looking for their 5th straight playoff appearance.

Dakota Playoff History

1985 0-1

1988 0-1

1989 0-1

1993 1-1

1994 0-1

1998 0-1

1999 3-1

2000 0-1

2001 0-1

2002 0-1

2003 0-1

2004 1-1

2005 5-0 Class 2A State Champion

2006 1-1

2007 5-0 Class 2A State Champion

2008 0-1

2009 1-1

2010 1-1

2011 5-0 Class 1A State Champion

2014 1-1

2015 0-1

2016 1-1

2017 0-1

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