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Season Preview: Du-Pec Rivermen

Du-Pec is trending in the direction that was anticipated by the Rivermen faithful, and beginning to show the fruits of the labor from the players and staff who helped lay the foundation. After the first two seasons of building block years, the Rivermen met their expectations and made the playoffs in year 3. While we won't see the playoffs this spring, the 2021 season holds a lot of expectations for the Rivermen to keep building on to that foundation and become a conference contender this season and beyond.

Entering 2021, it is no longer a what-if statement of what Du-Pec might be. While from the outside they may have surprised some people last season, there were many more who believed that the Rivermen just had to prove they could win key games to make that jump. They did that with wins over previous playoff teams in EPC, Orangeville, and West Carroll. The Rivermen will really show their growth as their entire schedule is littered with regular playoff mainstays, featuring 4 teams who were in the playoffs a season ago, including both conference champions, and two other teams that could have made the playoffs if they had a break or two that went their way. The only concern for the Rivermen is the depth of their line on both sides of the ball and protecting their QB. At the skills positions you will be hard pressed to find a better group of all-around athletes in the conference.

Du-Pec made their debut in the playoffs in their 3rd year of the co-op. In the process, they earned a 1st round home game, won their first playoff game, and were able to get a taste of a perennial power when they lost to 3A runner-up Byron. The Rivermen will open the 2021 campaign at home against Aquin, making the case for a potential Game of the Week type atmosphere. This game will be played at Auburn High School in Rockford at 11 am.

Du-Pec Playoff History

2019 1-1


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