EPC Wildcatz

August 7, 2018

The EPC Wildcatz came together as a co-op in 1995, and during that time they have wracked up 18 playoff appearances in 23 seasons together. Prior to the co-op, Pearl City and Lanark/Eastland only made 3 playoff appearances combined in 1984 (Lanark), 1989, and 1993 (Pearl City). It is safe to say that the emergence of the co-op has been a great decision for the 2 school's, despite all the animosity between the two communities in the co-op over the years.


EPC will be heading into 2018 with a new head coach, Jared McNutt, leading the way. There is a lot of speculation on whether McNutt can keep building the Wildcatz for success, and this speculation is coming from within backers of the program. However, the Catz look primed for another playoff run, and could be a threat for an NUIC Northwest title yet again.  Since winning their lone state title in 2014, you could see the Catz were looking for a rebuild, but that didn't last long as they broke out in 2016, and followed that up with another playoff year in 2017 despite falling down a bit. EPC will be stacked with 3 and 4 year senior starters with plenty of experience to lead the Catz back to the playoffs.


EPC is 14-17 in the playoffs, and expectations will be high for the Catz to not only contend in the Northwest, but they are looking for another playoff run this year with a new coaching staff in tow, and quite a few holdovers from last year's staff. Outside of 2014, in recent years EPC hasn't faired very well in 1st round games. This year is the opportunity for EPC to get that moniker off their back.


EPC Playoff History


1997 0-1

1998 1-1

2000 0-1

2001 0-1

2002 1-1

2003 1-1

2004 2-1

2006 0-1

2007 0-1

2008 0-1

2009 1-1

2010 1-1

2011 1-1

2012 0-1

2013 1-1

2014 5-0  Class 2A State Champion

2016 0-1

2017 0-1


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