Illinois football is changing once again as earlier this week the IHSA announced the passing of Proposal 23, i.e. district formatting. The proposition passed 324-307 with 69 votes of no opinion. 

Without even delving into the proposition, many questioned the voting process itself. The vote was availa...

According to the Oxford Dictionary, media is defined as “[t]he main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively.” 

On multiple occasions, we have been informed that we are not media. However, over the past 3 years, we’ve been on the radio, published...


The Amboy Clippers joined the NUIC in the 2016 season, and entered with high expectations coming from the always tough Three Rivers Conference. The Clippers haven't been able to live up to those expectations so far in the Northwest Division, but they have been competitive in their short time in the...


The last few seasons have seen the AFC Raiders with teams able to compete in the Upstate, but they haven't been able to finish opponents off to earn the victories. In 2018, AFC once again looks like a team that will be able to compete in the Upstate, but they will need to be more resilient to get mo...


The Du-Pec Rivermen formed their co-op last season under first year Head Coach Tyler Hoffman, and they scored their 1st win as Du-Pec in week 9 over a traditional power in Galena. The Rivermen didn't have the season they anticipated, but they made great strides in a 1st year with low expectations. T...

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